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Rainy Runs

My short autumn break (see the previous post) only took a week or so. Yes, all of you were right: I couldn’t stand the idea of not going out there, the idea of not challenging myself. Despite the fact that I only went running three times last week (We, Fr and Su), I am very happy with the volume as all three runs were long (for me): 15, 11 and 12 km. And all three runs tested my head as much as my legs: it was raining all the time! rainy-run2-1024x681

I think this actually might be my new running mode: By cutting the frequency while increasing volume, the overhead time shrinks. In other words, I can spend more time by running and less by preparations (as long as I have at least a small piece of fruit sugar with me). This inevitably leaves me a chance to run only in the evening when the world is dark – bummer. Luckily we still have weekends – happy days.

I have to keep repeating to myself that if there is a will, there is always a way.


Random running ramblings…

… from my 16 k run last night:

The sausage was perhaps a bit too big. Well, it was definitely too big.

Wouldn’t it be great to run a 10-miler tonight? I haven’t been able to do that this year yet while E is almost 6 months!

I should have cut the toe nails first.

Why am I doing this? What am I trying to show here?

Only somebody as stupid as me cuts the excessive bottle belt strap so short that after fastening, the belt makes breathing impossible. Hmm, last year the strap was not too short….

Would it help to shave off the 10 kg extra fat and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight first?

Why oh why did I ever suggest to run towards the sunset? I will never make it to the beach on time.

Why running at all?

Everybody around me runs like crazy: ultramarathons, uphill races, 24 hours non stop.  Do I really stop after one short hour, whining? And what exactly is my problem? Do I have blisters all over my feet? Is my leg broken? Do I really suffer from any pain? No. Then there is no excuse.

Am thirsty. Want a hot shower. Both at home, still 4 k to go…

Made it! Really, did I? Wow, it actually feels pretty good now.

motivation run

Preggo Running V.

22-24 weeks: Yep, still running – but as I am seriously coming into the 2/3ds of the pregnancy, it does not look like it anymore. My belly grows rather fast now and the continuous pressure of my expanding womb on the bladder is getting close to unbearable (what will I do next month and the month after that?). Also, I often feel rather ‘heavy’ so anything more than 40-50 minutes running/exercising non stop (well, with pee-stop) is impossible. The idea is rather frustrating because my lungs and legs feel good enough, I hardly sweat – and yet, I am forced to stop in less than an hour to have at least a couple of minutes of a break.

On the positive end, my dependency on fresh air makes me go running outside regardless the peeing problem. The solution is of course hiding myself in the merciful darkness of early mornings and/or late evenings, with enough toilette paper in my pockets and some bushes along the way. So far so good. Except…. that the speed lost its relevance all together.

I tend to spend about an hour each day by some kind of physical activity (running about 4-5 times and week, gym, or at least walking). It definitely helps me to remain sane and not to give in to the my-baby-needs-so-many-things shopping frenzy. At least not for now. The shopping embargo has been prolonged till Christmas. Sort of.

Gain weight: did not dare to weight myself this week yet.

My new best friend:

The plan for coming days and weeks is to keep moving although my belly is growing. I sometimes wonder how much larger would I be without running… Also, according to V (I am sooo grateful to have my own physiotherapist at home!) I should start exercising my pelvic floor muscles. Or at least finally face the fact that I don’t have any so it is the highest time  to build them up! Hence the ball instead of chair while eating and/or watching TV.

Leiden Halloween night run

Here a couple of pictures clearly showing why running outside is better than chasing the treadmill…

Rhine river downtown, bridge “Koornbrug”

Church “Hooglandse Kerk”

Windmill “De Valk”

City gate “Zijlpoort”

  Happy (belated) Halloween!

Juneathon Day 29: Thirty

Although June only counts its 29th day today, tonight I have achieved 30 consecutive days of running. Yes, silly me, I ran on May 31st as well.So after work I quickly changed and hit the road as usuaaly, this time with Freddie Mercury in my ears (Who else could give me such a boost to actually run tonight!?). At the end I have to admit, the run was quite nice. Yes, I am tired but still – I enjoyed the road:

Halfway there was even some wildlife to look at:Last run tomorrow.

Juneathon Day 28: Almost there

How hard can the last three runs of the month be? Tonight my body simply refused to go running. So we went downtown first (found one cool geocache) and had something to eat. Then ice cream. Then returned home.

At the end of the evening I started negotiating with my legs again. We came to a mutual agreement of a slow 5 km run. And so I ran off to the warm night. And it was hard. Is it the heat or is it the general tiredness of my body after almost 30 consecutive days of running?

Juneathon Day 27: Perfect evening for dummies

1. For once, get home from work on time.

2. Load the GPS co-ordinates of a cool geocache to your Garmin.

3. Convince your significant other to join you (and to stop asking questions).

4. Drive to the dunes.

5. Start running.

6. Enjoy the treasure hunt and find the cache.

7. Run to the beach.

8. Take off your shoes and run some more.

9. Sing along with the waves.

10. Drive home and collapse on the sofa with Chinese chicken noodles (cooked yesterday).

Juneathon Day 26: Shortest?

Long day with many issues and problems and back sets – sounds familiar? At the end of the evening, still with nothing to eat and no Juneathon run I managed to sneak out of the door for a short run along 2 geocaches. The plan was an easy 4-5 km ‘recovery’ trip. I first had to cross this bridge (so much for wildlife in Leiden):I found the first cache nearby and started worrying about the second one which was presumably placed in somebody’s garden. But then again, it is the charm of the game to overcome all kinds of fears (and besides, it was really getting dark). So a couple of minutes later I found the second one and ran home crossing this bridge: 

At home my Garmin showed 4.7 km. Probably the shortest Juneathon run. But on the positive end: I crossed the magic line of 200 km in June (my plan was 100 miles so I am kind of ahead of my own schedule…).

Juneathon Day 23: Fat liver

After 1300 km in the car we arrived home. I was too tired to unpack but not too tired to run. After 20+ days of consecutive running I did not want to give up. Not tonight. So I plodded my 5 km route around the river Aa, thinking of how good the holiday was and how I will miss foie gras…. and then suddenly these 4 girls crossed my path:Ok ok, I am not keen on the geese force feeding either but did you know that already ancient Egyptians prepared foie gras? In other words, sorry girls but I will not turn to a vegetarian any time soon…

Tomorrow the last Juneathon week starts and I am back in the cold and rainy place. Having said that, the hilly/trail training in France did its magic as my 5 km was probably the fastest I ever ran (under 29 minutes).

Juneathon Day 14: Wieb

Wieb was 16. It took her quite a while to grow accustomed to me and to April but at the end, somehow, we all managed to live together. She outlived April by 2 months and then the age and illness caught up with her. This is a picture I took several days ago as she was resting in ‘her’ armchair.We will miss her. Well, we do already. And how can a runner ease the pain? By running. Did my usual evening run along the river tonight.

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