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Juneathon Day 14: Wieb

Wieb was 16. It took her quite a while to grow accustomed to me and to April but at the end, somehow, we all managed to live together. She outlived April by 2 months and then the age and illness caught up with her. This is a picture I took several days ago as she was resting in ‘her’ armchair.We will miss her. Well, we do already. And how can a runner ease the pain? By running. Did my usual evening run along the river tonight.

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4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 14: Wieb

  1. Aw she was beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss, how sad to lose 2 best friends so close together. I’m sending you big hugs and head butts from me and my 3 furry friends.

  2. RIP Wieb… so sorry to here of the loss of your second furbaby.
    My heart goes out to you both, it’s not been an easy year for you ❤ x

    • Thank you! We are rather devastated – but on the other hand, I am sure that time (and opportunities) will come for us to get another furry creature to spoil. This afternoon we almost left a restaurant with a nice puppy, haha.

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