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JUD2930 – Juneathon is dead long live Juneathon

No matter how early I get up there is never enough time… Early morning interesting conversation with smart guests, then less intellectual challenging one with the kids, then work, work and more of it and finally some late evening spinning. Monday. Tuesday. Can you believe JU2015 is over?

This grave is to symbolise the end of our 30 day effort.


Veilchen oder Violen (Viola), Flammenblumen (Phlox),…

Run 55 km; bike 270 km; walk 17 km.

This rather poor result (lower mileage than during my pregnancy) boils down to 10x running, 15x biking/spinning, 4 walking trips and 9 weight lifting sessions. Oh yes – and 5 days of painful lower back muscles…. and about 30 German words on plants :-).

Believe it or not, I am satisfied. With my current workload, I am sincerely happy with going out there and train at least a couple of times.

My deep deep respect for all fellow Juneathoners. As always, thank you, guys, for your super motivating words and see you all in January 2016!

JUD262728 – Sounds like a long weekend…

… but it was not. I simply did not find time to blog on Friday night (and this went on on Saturday and Sunday too). There was some running, spinning and weight exercise and there was a lot of outdoor fun with the girls.

On Saturday, we went for a bike trip to the nearby playground. We did not quite make it there due to heavy storms (or, as other people might call it, light showers). We ended up in a pizzeria at the BadeSee in our village instead. Not a bad trade, I have to say.

Then on Sunday as the weather improved we went up the mountain and hiked a bit. Again, playgrounds (and food) were involved.

During the weekend I was trying to follow the online news from Ronda dels Cims where 12H was running. And running. And running…. until he finished in style. My huge respect and congratulations!


When mountains are in your backyard…


What one finds in woods when running through the territory of the local archery club…

Rittersporne (Delphinium)

Rittersporne (Delphinium)

Salbei (Salvia)

Salbei (Salvia)


Prachtspieren (Astilbe)

JUD25 – Bike and run combo

Lacking inspiration so biked a bit to start running from a different spot than usually.

This is where I dropped the bike.

This is where I dropped the bike.

Then while running I followed path nr 13, obviously...

Then while running I followed path nr 13, obviously…


... normal road after 6 k.

… normal road after 6 k.

... until it got a bit too wild.

… until it got a bit too wild.

The flower of the day is ragged robin or Kuckucks-Lichtnelke (Lychnis flos-cuculi) who likes wet pastures and can show you where to dig a well.


JUD24 – Movie

Half of the movie early in the morning while spinning. Second half in the evening. A bit of a typical name for a bike session… The Little Death.

For the plant of the day, lets stay in our garden: This Himbeere (Rubus) comes from 12H‘s garden and we have eaten the first sweet fruits already.


40 km of spinning plus weights.

JUD23 – Visit from Czech

We have a visitor from Prague here tonight: Mirka, an ex-biathlete who nowadays distributes the Benecykl strollers to German speaking countries. Of course she brought one piece for us and we will be testing it (and showing off) with the girls all summer :-).

Rain means spinning, at least this month, so I dealt with Juneathon early in the morning already.

I hope the beauty below is Weisse Pestwurz (Petasites Albus), good to prevent migraines and to soften the features of hay fever:  20150607_125402

JUD22 – Another week

With fresh snow on the mountain tops and frequent showers, this summer does not quite feel like summer yet.


Nevertheess, Juneathon activities need to be executed daily, long live the spinning bike.

And there are plants to be named and documented, no matter how lousy the photographer light is, Hain-Sternmiere (Stellaria nemorum) being one of them. Good to cure TBC (sort of) and all kinds of respiratory illnesses.


JUD2021 – When snowing in June…

… go skiing.

Unfortunately, the Kitzsteinhorn glacier is closed this summer as the construction works (Gletscher Jet 3 and 4) are in full swing so skiing was not an option. We went up the hill nevertheless


because who could resist a Sacher tarte at 3000 m?20150621_110655Needless to say there were no flowers or plants visible, all was covered by snow…. So here one picture from last week, Ampfer (Rumex), the sour one:


A lot of Juneathoning was done but mainly by the kids: snow walks, swimming (indoor) and wild playing (again, indoor, in Salzburg). As for me, some running and some weights again.

JUD19 – Another rainy run

This summer plays funny games with us. I decided to get the outdoor shower done with in the morning (rather than trying to convince myself to go out late in the evening). How do you keep the guests happy and positive when they ask you about the weather forecast for the weekend???


I pass this Eberesche (Sorbus) almost every other run. Not the most impressive of all the trees out there but a nice one. Good for a little shade in the summer (usually there is a bench under it) and good to hang a lost pacifier or a glove on a branch so that the one who lost it on the path spots it right away.

5 km run, weights.

JUD18 – Fortress of Solitude

No no, I am not down or depressed, it is just that as I was spinning tonight, this classical quote came to my mind:

Then I also watched the Ronda del Cims promo movie – my deep respect to all racers who dare to start in Andorra next week! To feel less bad about myself, I started with some weight exercises.


The plant for today is Spitzwegerich (Plantago lanceolata), or plantain. Another wide spread herb that anybody can use to heel e.g. wounded knee that was cut open after a fall on a wet trail… :-).


20 km spinning bike; 160x weights.

JUD17 – No topics left

With very little running and some spinning, there are not many topics for daily posts. I keep Juneathoning daily, though, and have skipped white bread and sweets from my diet… so off to the plant of the day:


Sumpfdotterblume (Caltha palustris) or a marsh marigoldkingcup (or cowslip in the US) is a family of Butterblume from JUD01. And while sometimes considered a weed, Shakespeare loved it:

“Winking Marybuds begin
To open their golden eyes”

Spinning bike: 20 km.

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