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JUD2930 – Juneathon is dead long live Juneathon

No matter how early I get up there is never enough time… Early morning interesting conversation with smart guests, then less intellectual challenging one with the kids, then work, work and more of it and finally some late evening spinning. Monday. Tuesday. Can you believe JU2015 is over?

This grave is to symbolise the end of our 30 day effort.


Veilchen oder Violen (Viola), Flammenblumen (Phlox),…

Run 55 km; bike 270 km; walk 17 km.

This rather poor result (lower mileage than during my pregnancy) boils down to 10x running, 15x biking/spinning, 4 walking trips and 9 weight lifting sessions. Oh yes – and 5 days of painful lower back muscles…. and about 30 German words on plants :-).

Believe it or not, I am satisfied. With my current workload, I am sincerely happy with going out there and train at least a couple of times.

My deep deep respect for all fellow Juneathoners. As always, thank you, guys, for your super motivating words and see you all in January 2016!

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2 thoughts on “JUD2930 – Juneathon is dead long live Juneathon

  1. A much better result than the alternative of running more and injuring your back more.

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