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JD26 and JD27 – Still white

and still loving it. A lot of mist on Lechnerberg which makes it harder to localise and catch E as she races down. And a lot of (wet) snow which makes it harder to run. Made it from Uttendorf home today, partially through the woods.


Day 26: ski
Day 27: run

JD22 and JD23 – More of the same

If you don’t like snow, stop reading. This Janathon is truly special for the amounts of white powder that we are happy to play in.

Yesterday, we discovered another kids slope, this time in Maishofen, at Schloss Kammer. Baby lift and sledging free of charge, nice sunny slope, horses watching us from the white meadow next to us… and NO people at all, just the four of us!
And today, I went for another cross country workout to Uttendorf. Turns out there are now 3 different loops (the one around the lake is good for evening training just like last year). Perfect days, what can I say…

Day 22: ski

Day 23: cross country ski

JD20 and JD 21 – Cross country, snow hikes

More of the same, really: the snow conditions are PERFECT, there is not even a beginning to describing how wonderful these days are. My first ski alpine tour took place this morning, then I taught V. some cross country moves and there was another longish snow hike yesterday…. I simply cannot get enough.
Day 20: snow hike
Day 21: ski alp tour, cross country

JD19 – Cross country

It seems like this Janathon, April does everything except running. But as I woke up this morning with the thermometer showing -18C, running was out of question (sorry, I know I am a softie).
So I went cross country skiing (well, skating) instead.


Day 19: cross country skiing

JD17 and JD18 – More powder and finally also sunshine

After a few days of reather heavy snowfall, we woke up to the perfect winter day. I took my chances and hiked Naglkoepfl from Walchen side. The frozen calfs were worth it!


Day 17: ski, snow shovel
Day 18: snow hike

Beautiful morning

Not a long run this morning but worth every second…


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Let it Snow

December again. I know that the roads are slippery and my ears (and iPod) are freezing to death. I know that it is dark pretty much all day. But I also know that the views we have now are only there in winter. And I know that it is in winter that I prefer unpaved paths and unknown roads. It is in winter that I do not worry about my running times…

Winter Running

Since this fall (and winter) caught us in the Alps, I have had plenty of opportunities to practice running in winter conditions. Thanks to my gear (see this picture in the previous post) I am almost never cold and I cannot use darkness as an excuse either. What remains is enjoying the white pristine surroundings. Take e.g. this morning: It started snowing at 4 am and by 7, the whole valley was white. On a day like this I feel privileged to live here.
Foto033710 k, Piesendorf valley.


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