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Winter Running

Since this fall (and winter) caught us in the Alps, I have had plenty of opportunities to practice running in winter conditions. Thanks to my gear (see this picture in the previous post) I am almost never cold and I cannot use darkness as an excuse either. What remains is enjoying the white pristine surroundings. Take e.g. this morning: It started snowing at 4 am and by 7, the whole valley was white. On a day like this I feel privileged to live here.
Foto033710 k, Piesendorf valley.


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13 thoughts on “Winter Running

  1. Jéé, já sním o Vánocíííích bíílýýýých… 🙂 To je nádhera!

  2. Vid? Kdyby jeste vysvitlo slunicko a nekdo mi vysypal cesticky sterkem…. ale to by zas nebyl zadnej trail :-).

  3. Stunning photos!! I have learned to love to run in the snow- it is quite pretty!

  4. Like one of my friends said, running in the snow is not about speed but about enjoying the moment.

  5. Krásný, v Sázavě už je po sněhu, “tady” se zdá, že to vydrží 🙂

    Tak běhu zdar !


  6. plustenner on said:

    beautiful pictures

  7. Marcela on said:

    No to je nádhera….

  8. I LOVE your photos – I wish I lied somewhere more picturesque so that I can share. Your such an inspiration, if ou can get out in that I MUST drag myself out in the 7 degrees mildness we have here!

    • Carla, it works both ways. You motivate me too! Where do you get the courage and motivation to go out there for all those 1/2M’s and M’s? Amazing! Please keep running and writing about it!

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