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Juneathon Day 17: Hot

Yesterday evening we arrived to the beautiful house that will host us during our holiday week. It is located just outside Villecroze and it is large, comfortable, well equipped by everything we need (large garden with olive trees, swimming pool and barbecue). Perfect. Except… the heat. Yesterday at 8 pm the outside temperature was still oscillating around 30 degrees so the logistics of my Juneathon efforts was quickly redesigned: all Juneathon activities have to take place BEFORE 8 am. O happy days…

So this morning I woke V at 6 am and asked her with my kindest voice if she was in for a short loop in the neighborhood. She must have been asleep as she actually answered that she would love to! So we hit the road. Well, it was rather a path – hilly but with great views. And shadow. We made a 6.6 km loop while talking and slowly waking up and rewarded ourselves with a can of coffee under the olive tree afterwards. And then we went to the local market (I know, this is totally unrelated to running but stilll):And so tonight we will be grilling fish and meat with these herbs:And now if you excuse me, I am off to the swimming pool. Happy Sunday everybody!

Another one bites the dust

Running has still many secrets for me. This week the (professional) circumstances forced me to uncover one by testing the impact of high temperatures on my pace and endurance. The result is quite convincing: after one rather short run at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (and this was at 6.20 am!), I had to look for a gym to survive the coming days. The treadmill, as usually, is boring but the view here at Jumeirah Lakes Towers is rather good:

And while I am trying to retain my training scheme here in Dubai, back at home all seems well and April is hanging in there.

Now off to read other blogs. Especially the ones from Czech runners should be full of new entries about the Prague Half Marathon that took place earlier today.

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