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Another one bites the dust

Running has still many secrets for me. This week the (professional) circumstances forced me to uncover one by testing the impact of high temperatures on my pace and endurance. The result is quite convincing: after one rather short run at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (and this was at 6.20 am!), I had to look for a gym to survive the coming days. The treadmill, as usually, is boring but the view here at Jumeirah Lakes Towers is rather good:

And while I am trying to retain my training scheme here in Dubai, back at home all seems well and April is hanging in there.

Now off to read other blogs. Especially the ones from Czech runners should be full of new entries about the Prague Half Marathon that took place earlier today.

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8 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. 12Honzade on said:

    Well, you prove that even running on a treadmill could bring some interesting horizons.:) Good Luck with your first marathon! I am sure you will enjoy it! Cheers, 12:)

  2. Thanks. Yes, the treadmill-view is good except that the airco is not always on…
    By the way, it will be just a HALF marathon… I am not as quick in extending the lenghts as you were.

  3. R V M on said:

    I am sure that marathon will follow.
    Because: who wants to stay only half-heroe 🙂

  4. That’s a pretty great view from a treadmill I must say! I bet it’s rather warm where you are?

    Really good news about April, you back home soon? x

    • True, the view is good but the airco is a bit tricky one. And yes, it is WARM as in above 30 degrees. So these days I am looking back to the times when I was a morning person: getting up at 6.00 and hitting the road by 6.15. And even then I do not manage to run further than 6 km in one go. anyway, back home on Thursday. Cannot wait to see my girls, haha.

      • Ahh 30 degrees… I can only hope that it gets anywhere close to that this Summer here in the UK! Although perhaps it will be that warm when we go to Spain in June… I’ll be doing Juneathon then so hopefully it won’t be too hot! You doing Juneathon too?

        When the mornings start getting lighter I’ll turn into more of a morning person… I find it so hard to go out running when it’s dark (and cold!). Not long now and you’re back home to your girls, bet you can’t wait! Have a safe trip back x

      • Yes, I will be doing Juneathon – and I am happy to hear you are in Spain then because we will be in South of France. So probably both of us facing the same temperature challenges and some logistics to be looked at during the travelling days.
        I will aim to do the proper Juneathon, so 30 consecutive days of running (in January, I did all 31 days some kind of sports but did not manage to run every day).
        Keep posting motivational comments!

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