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Another one bites the dust

Running has still many secrets for me. This week the (professional) circumstances forced me to uncover one by testing the impact of high temperatures on my pace and endurance. The result is quite convincing: after one rather short run at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (and this was at 6.20 am!), I had to look for a gym to survive the coming days. The treadmill, as usually, is boring but the view here at Jumeirah Lakes Towers is rather good:

And while I am trying to retain my training scheme here in Dubai, back at home all seems well and April is hanging in there.

Now off to read other blogs. Especially the ones from Czech runners should be full of new entries about the Prague Half Marathon that took place earlier today.

International Women’s Day

As I too belong to the generation of Husak’s children and know what is the difference between Marie Kabrhelova and a Japanese calculator, I grew up among the red carnations, pioneer scarfs and  International Women’s Day celebrations. Luckily those red dark times are far behind us. Today, inspired by 12HonzaDe,  I decided to celebrate by running.

Dressed in my old North Sea Jazz T-shirt (I am back to my 2002 size!) with Chicago music in my earphones I jumped onto the treadmill… and ran a magic distance of 8.3 km.

And as a thank you to my Czech readers, here is one I couldn’t resist:

Back to treadmill

The Big Meltdown took place last Sunday: in the morning we went ice skating  again (bringing the total Feb skate distance to 76 km) while in the afternnon, the air smelled like spring was coming in. With new energy I returned to my treadmill routine and ran some 5, 6 and 8 km distances. The funny thing is I really started getting a craving to go and run outside. And as the feeling keeps growing throughout this week, I am predetermined to try a long run this weekend. Long run in my books means anything like/above 10 km (my longest one so far has been 12.3 km).

Oh, one new thing that I learned about my running while watching myself in the gym: I tend to move my left arm much more than the right one. Could it be some residual habit from my biathlon period? During the summer running races, we used to carry the gun with us on the right shoulder – hence the limitation of right arm movement.

The charming thing is that Haile Gebrselassie has a similar tick: he used to carry his school books under his left arm while running.

Janathon Day 31

Loooong day with  a lot of work. No way I could go running – except for the fact that I HAD to as today was the final Janathon day! Reached the gym just 40 minutes before the closing time and jumped on the treadmill. 5 km later I yelled “I DID IT!” I exercised for 31 days in a row. I do admit I did not manage to run every single day but heeey, I went out there every day to work out and sweat and this is the result:

Run: 130.5 km

Bike: 174.9 km

Cross training (elliptical and rowing): 160.9 km

Walk: 35.3 km

In total, this is 401.5 km and 36.6 hours of exercise.

Janathon Day 26

Australia Day. Despite our night session in front of the TV neither Kvitova nor Clijsters made it to finals.

Gym and yet another 7 km with a new (old) mp3 music mix. How comes that while running, all the old hits sound so good? Is it the endorphines?


Janathon Day 19

The rain has forced us to check the gym tonight again. Luckily no Zumba ladies testing the treadmill today so I could enjoy it for full 6 km. Just me, my mp3 player and the water bottle. Great feeling! I actually DID enjoy the running session. I was trying to work with my ankles, shoulders, to keep my posture right. Well, I don’t think I succeeded in all that but I did try…. The grilled chicken for dinner was very rewarding.

Janathon Day 18

Uneventful day: work, gym, home…

The gym was packed with all kinds of Zumba-ladies who for some reason felt the urge to test the treadmill… to walk! Why on Earth don’t you walk outside. Or at least at different time!? Did some biking and elliptical cross instead.

Janathon Day 14

The plan was an early morning run before V. wakes up. The reality kind of copied our regular weekends: sleepy mornings…

We both went to gym and did some treadmill running again. I managed 5 km just under 35 minutes  which delivered a brief happy smile on my face – until the moment the nice lady next to me asked: “Was it just flat running? Why didn’t you do any incline?” I threw my water bottle in her face.

I know, I am a snail – but one that is improving!

After a delicious brunch at home (egg, bacon and avocado sandwich worth 900+ calories…) we rewarded ourselves with a nice easy walk downtown. How comes the cappuccino in town always tastes better than the one at home?

Janathon Day 12

V (amused): “Are you still doing this trathelon?”

Me: “What? You mean Janathon?”

V: “Yeah… the thing that makes you run/bike/sweat every day.”

Me (irritated): “Yes, why?”

V: “Well, no specific reason. I just thought I could run with you today.”

And so she did. Next to me on a treadmill. Half an hour longer than me. And twice my distance.

Janathon Day 11

Here a small motivation for all of us who still need to do our run tonight (and for our loved ones to see which DVD to buy us for our next anniversary):

Cut…. an hour later back from gym adding 7.2 km (treadmill) to my Janathon scorebook. The trailer DID motivate me, actually.


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