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End of Juneathon 2016

Yet another 30/30 score, yet another Juneathon successfully completed. With some trips abroad, professional duties and of course the kids, I needed to improvise but challenges make us stronger so here is the (not too impressive) statistics:

Run – 6 – 33.2 km – 5.8 hrs;

Bike – 8 – 0.0 km – 4.0 hrs;

Walk – 18 – 76.4 km – 19.5 hrs;

Cross – 9 – 0.0 km – 4.7 hrs;

Total – 41 – 109.6 km – 33.9 hrs

Overall satisfaction as my goal was 30 hours of physical exercise.



Juneathon 2016

Can you believe this? Another Athon is here – as the matter of fact, it has been here for over a week now… It is my ninth one and sadly, it caught me a bit off-shape. Daily running hasn’t been my routine for a while but I still do almost daily fitness so for this Juneathon, I figured at least 45 minutes of cardio every day. So far so good. I have been stepping, rowing, spinning and cross-training on the elliptical for almost an hour every day and I have been running a bit too. The world is still beautiful up here…


Good luck to all my fellow Juneathoners!
As always: Slacking is not an option.

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