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Looking for housing during Zell am See Ironman?

No, I am not a triathlete (I did survive one short race though, back in the nineties, at Konopiste castle) and I do not intend to become one. The reason is I cannot swim. Well, technically, I can but my swimming style and abilities are comparable to the desperate situation of a person who wants to become a writer while his only qualification is the elementary school graduation…ironman kaprun zell am seeNevertheless, I like the atmosphere of racing and as the 70.3 Salzburg Ironman is getting closer and closer (September 1), this is my attempt for a commercial announcement: we have still some accommodation available in Piesendorf, a village about 6 km from Zell am See, a village that is actually on the road map of this year’s cycling leg of the Ironman race.

So whether you want to compete (mind you, the main race has been sold out already) or just come by to enrich the crowd, check our website Apartments Piesendorf.

Of course feel free to check it for skiing, hiking, biking or golfing holiday as well.

And yes, my regular readers can expect a friendly discount :-).

JD28: Roman history

Rain and bike on Friday evening? Well, if it weren’t for Juneathon…200px-Super_Bowl_XXVIII_logo.svgI biked towards the beach but turned back after 9 km or so as the rain came down faster than I could handle. Returning through the village of Valkenburg, or Praetorium Aggripinae, as Romans used to call it, I bumped into this pillar:280620131802    280620131803At home I Googled some more on Romans in The Netherlands.

JD25: More food for thought

Yet another June biking evening. 250620131790As I was passing the Willem de Zwijgerlaan, I came across somewhat unusual portrait of the famous Dutch ruler (Willem de Zwijger = William the Silent):240620131785

240620131784The quote translates as:I cannot approve of monarchs who want to rule over the conscience of the people, and take away their freedom of choice and religion.”

JD19: Evening beach trip

Even though the title sounds promising, it was yet another uneventful bike ride.190620131752I went to Katwijk, all together some 23 km with lots of flies and other insects attacking me on my way. I did spot some ‘art’:190620131747

190620131753 And once at the beach, the sight was of course stunning:190620131749

190620131748But that is really all there is to say about it. I notice I am getting tired by the ‘at-least-one-hour-of-exercise-per-day’ routine. Especially the sleep deprivation kicks in.

JD18: Hot

Today it was hot even here at the coast. Not much fun to be exercising but since I slacked already yesterday, I had to find the motivation tonight!180620131746Bike won: went for a 20 km ride around Leiderdorp.180620131742




JD10: Big people

Yet another evening bike trip, marking one third of this year’s Juneathon.090620131706

As I was trying to avoid the insects getting into my mouth all the time, I stayed around the city. During that biking hour, I came across these:090620131715


What is this thing about huge people?

My Juneathon statistics after 10 days:

Run: 21.5 km

Walk: 22 km

Bike: 109 km

JD9: Lazy Sunday

The day started later than we planned…090620131714After a quick stroller walk downtown (one needs fresh buns on Sunday morning!), we had a brunch with my mother in law and didn’t do much more, really. In the evening, I stole one hour for biking again and here are two pics to document my 15 km long trip:090620131716


JD7: Being useful

So far I managed to sneak out of our house every evening. The kids don’t notice my absence but aren’t I pushing it when leaving V behind, all alone with them? Time to adjust my strategy and actually combine the pleasure of Juneathoning with being useful.070620131703So tonight, I jumped on my black horse (=bike) and rode to Lisserbroek, a village about 13 km away from us. Why would I do it? To bring this beauty home:babybadjeThe result was rather impressive: Two hours outdoors, 33 km for Juneathon and happy babies!

JD6: Bike trip

After a sunny day (the kids spent pretty much all of it outside) it was rather hard to force myself to think of any exercise. This is the good thing about Juneathon – no excuses must be looked for, one must keep going.020620131670So when in the evening V oiled my bike’s derailleur (which is still stuck on the heaviest gear) and asked me if I was going to continue with Juneathon, I simply had no choice. Listening to Chicago the Musical and singing along, all together 26 km with many insects in my mouth :-).060620131700

JD5: Fat bottom girls…

It took a short moment to figure out how to substitute my running. Not that one can EVER substitute running fully but I have to remain positive, on this 5th day of Juneathon…020620131671 Luckily this is Holland, the land of free bikes. Even after we moved our beautiful light yet heavy duty mountain bikes to Piesendorf, we still have this one in the shed:

050620131694I bought it last year and started to pimp it up so that once the girls can sit, I would add 2 child seats to be able to travel them around Leiden. Well, it looks like I can use it now already. The derailleur is constantly set to the heaviest gear so the 16 km today was quite a challenge :-). The good news is my knee does not hurt when biking.

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