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Back in lowlands

As some of you already know, our quick US holiday week was great. We have managed to ski, walk, run, ride a snowmobile and of course talk (and drink) with friends and enjoy our free time.

Some statistics for our Seattle/Eureca week below:

Running: 26 km (all my solo early morning runs with loads of endorphins)

Skiing: 3 days (all powder snow!!!)

Snow mobile: 24 miles.

Snow mobile accidents (falls into tree wells): 2

Children tought how to ski: 2

Total children met: 9


Monday morning 6.30 in Eureka, Montana: Holiday, fresh snow, company of friends (all asleep). Putting on my running gear and quietly leaving the house while it is still dark. The main road through Tobacco Valley is not far and and as I am trying to carefully place my feet on the slippery surface, my breath freezes.

The only sound I hear comes from under my feet as my shoes crush the frozen snow. The sensation remains fascinating every day. I run.

Later on, after a true American breakfast, we leave the house to spend a wonderful sunny day skiing in Whitefish.

Four reasons for Runner’s High tonight

1. It seems like the winter is slowly getting over and the outside air starts smelling like spring.

2. It is the end of my working week as tomorrow we head for holiday :-).

3. We have a week with friends ahead of us. I am thinking fresh powder snow, skiing, wooden mountain lodge, fire place, Napa Valley wine, good stories, good books, ….

4. I ran 8.5 km tonight practically without noticing. Must be Janis Joplin on my iPod.

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