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JD31 – See you in June!

Can’t believe the whole month passed by! Where did it go? What did I do? Well, sadly – not much running. My January mileage equals the ‘I-am-almost-delivering’ times and yet I am not dissatisfied. Throughout the entire month, I was cross training like a mad woman – as long as snow shoveling counts. So here is the statistics:

Running: 79 km

Bike: 92 km

Skiing: 53 km

Walking: 6 km

Cross training: 18 hours

TOTAL: 38.4 hours of exercise

So, my dear fellow Janathoners, thank you for all your support, enjoy winter and spring and I am already looking forward to seeing you in June!

JD30 – Another TGIF

OK, guilty: Starter, main course, 2 beers, dessert… but also another good hour of snow cleaning.


JD29 – Nothing compares to…

fresh snow. And a good company. And alcohol.

No, seriously: After 4 weeks of daily blogging (and 3 weeks of heavy snowfalls) there is NOTHING to write about. We did it again: snow shoveling, evening skiing… and red wine drinking at home, in peace. Life is beautiful.

red wine

JD28 – Evening runs

in the snow are not bad at all. Especially when one may enjoy the refreshing company of another (talkative) runner. J must have been very cold tonight but did not complain at all. Yet another 4 miler through a crispy white landscape. Three last day to complete this year’s Janathon!


JD27 – Powderrrrrr!

Despite my conviction that ALL the snow fell today on our parking lot (2.5 hours of firm shovel work, thank you) there was some minor snowfall reported on the surrounding ski lopes as well. So tonight was the night: 1.5 hours in heavenly fresh and virgin powder snow. Quarter of a meter of it. NO people. SHEER fun.



JD26 – I don’t like Mondays, however….

This afternoon I was still in the middle of some work while a message popped up on my screen: ‘Would you care for a run tonight?’ I know this does not sound too interesting for many of you but for me, living in the middle of nowhere with no runners around, this message could have been coming from the outer space and I would be less surprised… and then I realised it was J. who stays just one floor above us this week :-).

Short after 8 pm (the master plan included calming down of 4 kids) we sealed the symbolic friendship between the Czech and the Austrian section of the iThinkBeer running club drinking club with a running problem and hit the road. She with a headlamp for the first time ever, I with a running buddy for the first time… in several months.

I have to admit: What a feeling! To talk, to listen, adjust pace, be next to somebody else while running. Nice freezing 6 km.


JD25 – Fellow running mother

This week, a fellow running mother is staying with us, with her family. We did not manage to go out for a run together yet (although both of us went running today) but there was already some time for wine and talking. Happy feet.

mom-runner Also, there was sledging and veeeeeeery little skiing (basically just E standing on her plastic skis, screaming). But we will get there, eventually.

JD23 – Snow run

Snow. More snow. Muuuuuuuch more snow. But a Friday night Janathon run has to take place no matter what.
snow run

JD22 – Happy hour

One short email in my inbox this morning predetermined today’s Janathon’s activity: the local ski slope was supposed to re-open for the evening skiing again. One phone call (instant babysitter order) further we knew it was our time again!

Of course the girls did not want to go to bed and of course there was a never ending amount of urgent work… but nothing could stop us and we made it to the parking lot under the slope by 8 pm. There were signs of Happy hour everywhere – but what kind of Happy hour was this? The answer waited at the cashier: tonight was the one-night-in-the-season when the evening skiing only cost EUR 1 per person!

Well, dear reader, add the fact that there were NO OTHER SKIERS there and the lift was operating only for us and we had the entire slope all for ourselves and call me a lucky girl!

It took us less than 2 hours to entirely exhaust ourselves… and then we drove home, showered, logged and blogged :-).

JD21 – At home

Long and demanding day that included one hospital visit (nothing serious), lots of work, heavy frost and… the necessity to blog about something. By 9 pm I was still not done with my work so little after that I came to the living room for a short break. The kids’ lego and wooden blocks and many other toys were all over the carpet. I started tidying up and noticed the blue exercise ball again. As I was already down on my knees, I grabbed the ball and started exercising. V was watching me from the sofa and then showing me some really cruel positions (I am not a good planker, there is no core in me!). As there were 2 of us, it was even kind of fun. Happy to have logged at least 20 minutes of physical activities… and then back to the PC. Your couch potato.

couch potato

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