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JUD23 – Visit from Czech

We have a visitor from Prague here tonight: Mirka, an ex-biathlete who nowadays distributes the Benecykl strollers to German speaking countries. Of course she brought one piece for us and we will be testing it (and showing off) with the girls all summer :-).

Rain means spinning, at least this month, so I dealt with Juneathon early in the morning already.

I hope the beauty below is Weisse Pestwurz (Petasites Albus), good to prevent migraines and to soften the features of hay fever:  20150607_125402

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2 thoughts on “JUD23 – Visit from Czech

  1. plustenner on said:

    oh wow! those are awesome – do they do twin ones 🙂 wish I had one when my two were little – maybe buy one now in case of granchildren one day!!

    • Yes, they are great, better than Croozers or other brands. For twins (or two kids of similar age) they make a tandem. So not two seats NEXT to each other but BEHIND each other. Yes, when grandchildren are on their way, do consider this vehicle :-).

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