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JUD01 – Green German words

After the month of May that I prefer to erase from the calendar for ever (and believe me, my lousy mileage is not the main reason), here comes the long expected month of June again: it is getting hot and Juneathon has started :-). This is my fourth one and I like to believe that after 3 Juneathons and 3 Janathons I got the rhythm….

Life in the Alps does us good and after the first months of settling down and surviving the massive snowfalls, it is time for me to finally learn German. Tonight, during my first Juneathon run, as I was looking for some suitable Juneathon topic, it hit me: flowers and plants. I have 30 days to learn 30 names of whatever green stuff grows around.

So let me quickly wish my fellow Juneathoners good luck this coming month and off we go to the Alpine meadows and forests:

Scharfer Hahnefuss (Ranunculus acris), also known as Butterblume:


A beautiful and poisonous inhabitant of any meadow. I used to pick the yellow flowers when I was a little girl. Oh well, lets not get down the Memory lane, we have the whole month ahead of us.

Day 1: 6 km with some hill work, done and dusted. Off to check some Juneathon blogs…

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10 thoughts on “JUD01 – Green German words

  1. Good work! I will attempt to learn with you. Got any daffodils?

  2. 12Honzade on said:

    Keeping my fingers crossed! I know it was tough period, but it’s over and Junathlon is a great kick off! Looking forward to run around in July! Cheers, 12:)

    • Thanks, indeed, happier days ahead of us. Unfortunately, it seems like I have twisted my lower back this morning (again…). I should stop lifting the kids.

  3. Liska on said:

    Přidávám se k 12:) – doufám, že bude konečně líp a klidněji a veseleji. S dovolením si tu u tebe budu průběžně rožšiřovat slovník – u mě to bude výzva 2*30 protože většinu kytek neznám ani česky. Na oplátku zkusím nabídnout, co potkám při běhu v Prokopáku.

  4. Good luck 🙂

  5. Renča on said:

    Přeji hodně štěstí 🙂 I ve focení kytek a hledání jejich názvů. Zkusím si něco zapamatovat a pak budu před svým wikipedem (manžel) machrovat 🙂 Po německy kytičky určitě nezná 😀
    Hlavně ať tě nic nebolí!

  6. Ja musim machrovat pred detma, zacinaji se totiz zajimat o vsechno kolem, ve trech jazycich. Uz chapu, ze si obcas nejaka maminka postezuje, proc vlastne ucila svoje deti mluvit :-).

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