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JUD262728 – Sounds like a long weekend…

… but it was not. I simply did not find time to blog on Friday night (and this went on on Saturday and Sunday too). There was some running, spinning and weight exercise and there was a lot of outdoor fun with the girls.

On Saturday, we went for a bike trip to the nearby playground. We did not quite make it there due to heavy storms (or, as other people might call it, light showers). We ended up in a pizzeria at the BadeSee in our village instead. Not a bad trade, I have to say.

Then on Sunday as the weather improved we went up the mountain and hiked a bit. Again, playgrounds (and food) were involved.

During the weekend I was trying to follow the online news from Ronda dels Cims where 12H was running. And running. And running…. until he finished in style. My huge respect and congratulations!


When mountains are in your backyard…


What one finds in woods when running through the territory of the local archery club…

Rittersporne (Delphinium)

Rittersporne (Delphinium)

Salbei (Salvia)

Salbei (Salvia)


Prachtspieren (Astilbe)

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2 thoughts on “JUD262728 – Sounds like a long weekend…

  1. plustenner on said:

    your girls are getting so big xx

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