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Rainy Runs

My short autumn break (see the previous post) only took a week or so. Yes, all of you were right: I couldn’t stand the idea of not going out there, the idea of not challenging myself. Despite the fact that I only went running three times last week (We, Fr and Su), I am very happy with the volume as all three runs were long (for me): 15, 11 and 12 km. And all three runs tested my head as much as my legs: it was raining all the time! rainy-run2-1024x681

I think this actually might be my new running mode: By cutting the frequency while increasing volume, the overhead time shrinks. In other words, I can spend more time by running and less by preparations (as long as I have at least a small piece of fruit sugar with me). This inevitably leaves me a chance to run only in the evening when the world is dark – bummer. Luckily we still have weekends – happy days.

I have to keep repeating to myself that if there is a will, there is always a way.


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4 thoughts on “Rainy Runs

  1. Ja doufam, ze z dlouhych behu ve slejvaku se nestane standard, to by zabilo i nejvetsi otrlce. Jinak supr, pripisuju bonusovy body za natahnuti behu. Budou se sakra hodit.

  2. so true – It’s hard getting out sometimes but you never regret it!

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