April Runs

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Random running ramblings…

… from my 16 k run last night:

The sausage was perhaps a bit too big. Well, it was definitely too big.

Wouldn’t it be great to run a 10-miler tonight? I haven’t been able to do that this year yet while E is almost 6 months!

I should have cut the toe nails first.

Why am I doing this? What am I trying to show here?

Only somebody as stupid as me cuts the excessive bottle belt strap so short that after fastening, the belt makes breathing impossible. Hmm, last year the strap was not too short….

Would it help to shave off the 10 kg extra fat and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight first?

Why oh why did I ever suggest to run towards the sunset? I will never make it to the beach on time.

Why running at all?

Everybody around me runs like crazy: ultramarathons, uphill races, 24 hours non stop.  Do I really stop after one short hour, whining? And what exactly is my problem? Do I have blisters all over my feet? Is my leg broken? Do I really suffer from any pain? No. Then there is no excuse.

Am thirsty. Want a hot shower. Both at home, still 4 k to go…

Made it! Really, did I? Wow, it actually feels pretty good now.

motivation run

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13 thoughts on “Random running ramblings…

  1. I recognise those ramblings 😉

  2. Thanks. Good to know I am not alone there. Actually, there is much more – like a tight bra, and did I turn off the washing machine?

  3. Ááá, R. mi vlezla do hlavy a zapsala si, co slyšela… ;-)) Jsi dobrá – 16 km není procházka do krámu pro mlíko!

  4. Ne, v tomhle vazne nejsi sama. Hlavou bezi prakticky vsechno, tisice priblbych otazek, davno zasunute veci, aktualni trable, radosti, stesky..Nekdy se to pospojuje a zapadne do sebe jako puzzle, nekdy je z toho gulas mezinarodni urovne..Tak jako tak mam tenhle bezecky brainstorming rada. V kombinaci s privalem endorfinu z behu je to zajimavy ritual. A ta tvoje 16ka je super! Mas muj velkej obdiv a tesim se na dalsi vybehy!

  5. Ivo, cim delsi vybeh, tim vic myslenek, pochybnosti a nevyrcenejch kecu, ale to ty urcite znas :-).

    • Znam. Jsem zvedava, co prijde, jestli se nekdy dostanu k ultra 🙂

      • Na to je treba zeptat se nasi kamaradky 12Honzy.

      • Bezici Stin on said:

        Myslim, ze kdyz uz se clovek jednou zepta “jestli se nekdy dostanu k ultra” … tak nejen ze uz je pozde, ale navic, odpoved i sam zna 😉 …
        … preji prijemne pochybnosti vsem 🙂

      • Stine, Stine, kez bys mel pravdu. Ta cesta je ale strasne dlouha a ja zatim teprve hledam startovni bloky…

      • BS: obavam se, ze o tom muzeme diskutovat, muzeme o tom vest spory a muzeme s tim nesouhlasit, ale to je tak vsechno, co proti tomu muzeme delat.. 🙂

  6. Very familiar ramblings…

    • Haha, can you hear yourself talking? Sometimes I wonder why oh why do I feel the urge to wear sweatpants and sneak out of the bed early in the morning… But then again, the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is unbeatable.

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