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Juneathon Day 29: Thirty

Although June only counts its 29th day today, tonight I have achieved 30 consecutive days of running. Yes, silly me, I ran on May 31st as well.So after work I quickly changed and hit the road as usuaaly, this time with Freddie Mercury in my ears (Who else could give me such a boost to actually run tonight!?). At the end I have to admit, the run was quite nice. Yes, I am tired but still – I enjoyed the road:

Halfway there was even some wildlife to look at:Last run tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 29: Thirty

  1. plustenner on said:

    30 dae! wonderlik!!

  2. Fantastic photos yet again, and another great run… so close now!
    Also, thought you might be interested in joining Tribesports, there’s a challenge on there you might be interested in…plus many more for you to look at after Juneathon 🙂 http://tribesports.com/challenges/run-with-me-in-the-netherlands

  3. 12honzade on said:

    You are unbelievable! Great month! Keep running.. Cheers, 12:)

  4. Well done April ;o)

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