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Juneathon Day 23: Fat liver

After 1300 km in the car we arrived home. I was too tired to unpack but not too tired to run. After 20+ days of consecutive running I did not want to give up. Not tonight. So I plodded my 5 km route around the river Aa, thinking of how good the holiday was and how I will miss foie gras…. and then suddenly these 4 girls crossed my path:Ok ok, I am not keen on the geese force feeding either but did you know that already ancient Egyptians prepared foie gras? In other words, sorry girls but I will not turn to a vegetarian any time soon…

Tomorrow the last Juneathon week starts and I am back in the cold and rainy place. Having said that, the hilly/trail training in France did its magic as my 5 km was probably the fastest I ever ran (under 29 minutes).

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