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JD21: The longest day

On Fridays, I am per definition tired. Today the whole working week has been sitting on me, the house is a mess, kids don’t want to sleep, there is nothing to eat (and if there was, I would be mad to eat too much, anyway). It rains and the whole misery takes soooooo long as it is the longest day of the year today.
210620131760After many days without running, I needed a sign that my knee was getting better. Was very hesitant all evening but finally off I went, at 10 p.m, to catch the last beams of daylight. The mojo lasted for 5 km. Not bad at all and I even saw a swan…210620131758


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6 thoughts on “JD21: The longest day

  1. Well done on the 5km! How was your knee afterwards? x

  2. Thanks! First of all, I ran very slowly and immediately after returning home I was icing it. It hurt a bit but it seems quite okay now. Will test it tonight again.

  3. 12honzade on said:

    You are very good! Amazing!
    Given all that you have to carry on.. well.. you are like an utra runner..:)
    Keep running! Cheers, 12:)

  4. plustenner on said:

    well done!

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