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JD22: New park – still no trees

Saturdays are usually fun and this one was not different: our Belgian friends came by to meet the girls and we spent some quality time together while enjoying the world’s longest brunch ever. It was already late in the evening when I realised there was still some Juneathoning to do.040620131693A while ago we have discovered a new park that was being ‘built’ in our neighborhood. I ran there once before already but it officially only opened last week. It sounded like a good destination for my evening run.220620131761
220620131764It was again not more than 5 km but I would be happy with any distance, as long as my knee was not hurting.

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2 thoughts on “JD22: New park – still no trees

  1. Leona on said:

    Ta fotka s mostem uprostřed vody, ta mi tedy nedá spát… Je moc krásná

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