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JD20: On kids and mothers

The end of second third of Juneathon caught me on my retro/vintage city bike again, on my way to the ‘all you need for babies’ store, rambling.200620131757Our children are beautiful and sweet and great in everything they do (or do not do but are yet to learn…). We love them to bits despite the fact that:

– we no longer sleep. Sleeping just vaporized out of our lives after they were born.
– we can never leave the house. Ever. Not for one second.
– we cannot make ANY plans. Well, technically, we can – but we cannot stick to them.
– we are worried all the time. Anything can happen and can we be prepared for that?
– money rolls out of our pockets. There are ALWAYS necessary baby things to buy.FARSIDE26Luckily, there is still running.

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2 thoughts on “JD20: On kids and mothers

  1. Athena on said:

    most of these items, like changing diapers and sleepless nights, will not last forever. but money rolling out of pockets? sorry, that’s forever.

  2. Hmm, somehow I figured that would be a long term issue with growing spendings…

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