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Getting wet

Friday evenings are usually dedicated to shopping, cleaning the house, ironing and other boring activities that other people usually do during the weekend. But you see, we like to keep our weekends free for more exciting activities… Besides, on Friday the gym is closed.

Tonight we improvised a bit: I joined V. to the local pool. As I am not much of a swimmer (well, I completed a triathlon once but swimming definitely did not contribute to my good result!), I was planning to sit in the hot steam room or hot tub (or both) watching her swim but before I knew, I was out there counting my lengths.

But you, good reader, you feel it coming: 45 minutes and 1 km later I was done. Nicely tired and happy that my body can cope with yet another physical activity.

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3 thoughts on “Getting wet

  1. Swimming? I’m thinking of doing more of that. I’d love to have a go at a triathlon. But swimming is not good.

  2. I really want to get into swimming, you’ve inspired me to look to find out where our local pool is! Well done on the 1km, it’s especially nice considering you were only planning on watching from the hot tub 🙂

    • Thanks to both of you. As I wrote above, I am not swimmer at all so this is just an additional bonus: now that my condition has improved so much, suddenly I can simply jump in the pool (well, there are certainly more elegant swimmers) and swim.

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