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International Women’s Day

As I too belong to the generation of Husak’s children and know what is the difference between Marie Kabrhelova and a Japanese calculator, I grew up among the red carnations, pioneer scarfs and  International Women’s Day celebrations. Luckily those red dark times are far behind us. Today, inspired by 12HonzaDe,  I decided to celebrate by running.

Dressed in my old North Sea Jazz T-shirt (I am back to my 2002 size!) with Chicago music in my earphones I jumped onto the treadmill… and ran a magic distance of 8.3 km.

And as a thank you to my Czech readers, here is one I couldn’t resist:

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3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. 12Honzade on said:

    Simply wonderful!! I like the way you celebrate the International Woman’s Day… As I’m frequently obsessed by numbers, especially by my favourite 12:) I can really enjoy you ran 8.3 km on this very special day!
    BTW, there is nothing wrong on celebration of 8th of March… Nazis and Hitler almost destroyed Mother’s Day, communist discredited International Woman’s Day, what’s the difference?
    Woman are so special, they bring light and joy into our lives.. they deserve to be celebrated every single day! 🙂
    Running-wise, I see you being a part of the club, already…:) you may not see it yet, since you are too close.. But the others..:).. the others recognize you are different. You are a running person, now. Keep running! 12:)

  2. @ Numbers: I said already I was inspired by your number-obsession :-).
    @ IWD: Women are indeed special, I couldn’t agree more – hence my dislike of ‘celebrations’ marked by thousands of drunk guys on evenings of March 8.
    @ Running: You are being too kind… I love it!

  3. 12Honzade on said:

    well .. a drunk idiot will always be an idiot.. It does not make any difference if it is on March 8, December 31, super-ball, ice-hockey championship, … or other day :).
    Keep running..! Cheers, 12:)

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