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More skating

While Januay was totally dedicated to running, Feb is so far pretty much about skating. We went to check the ice tonight again. Turns out that ‘our’ skating rink (yes, I call it ‘our’ rink since we just bought the year-round membership!)  is voted one of the most romantic ones in South Holland. It is located at the egde of Castle Oud Poelgeest:The ice-club itself has a history of almost 120 years. Chances are that V.’s grandparents were members, too. Tonight, as we were skating our 12 km ‘workout’,  it looked like this:

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3 thoughts on “More skating

  1. I really love the ice skating rink, it’s a shame there aren’t many over here to go to.
    I think we’ll have to go there on our trip to Holland (hopefully soon!). How long into the year is it open for?

    • It is natural ice so we have no idea how long the skating will go on. We try to skate almost every day (luckily they are open till late) as one never knows how long the ice will last. But it is freezing like crazy here so I think it will take some weeks.
      Are you planning to come to Holland? Sounds like a good idea – drinks on us! Or will you be just running 🙂

  2. Mmmmm hope you had some chocolate for me too!


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