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Freezing February

1. The first post-Janathon weekend started  in a great way: On Friday afternoon, V. managed to come home from the office on time and brought our skates from the garage. So first we went to check if there was enough ice out there:

2. According to April it was okay but I was not so sure that the ice could carry us. On Saturday morning (after the gym session) we checked downtown Leiden as well:

3. There was definitely some fast growing ice there but still not enough to carry our weights. Luckily the alternative was near:

4. So the Saturday evening workout (the second one in just one day!!) consisted of one hour ice skating on the local natural ice skating rink. We managed to skate impressive 12 km. I think it was a considerable distance keeping in mind we do not possess the speed skating gear but one pair of ice hockey skates and one pair of figure skates. It was great fun and a great muscle check – Sunday morning hurt at places I did not even think muscles were at. Of course we went to gym anyway (5 km treadmill) as the Janathon spirit lives on!

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One thought on “Freezing February

  1. Loving that you still headed to the gym for a run on the treadmill even though you’d just skated 12km! I bet it’s lovely to be able to skate on the canals, hopefully the ice will get thick enough soon for you. April is as gorgeous as ever x

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