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Janathon Day 28

Woke up into a cold morning. Walked with April, enjoyed early morning coffee and together with V. went to the gym. Spent an hour on the bike while V. was sweating on the treadmill. Now what you don’t know, dear reader, is that V. does not like running. Give her tennis, skiing, golf or just about any sport – but NOT running. But here comes the weird thing about Janathon: ever since I started leaving her alone in the living room in the evening crawling upstairs to enter yet another blog report, she started getting the bug as well. The first week she was rather uninterested (“as long as you leave me out of it, feel free to do your thing…”). The second week she every now and then showed some curiosity (“what are the rules actually and how does one become a member?”). And today came the sentence I was patiently waiting for: “I wouldn’t mind running with you – as long as you don’t wake me up at 6 am to do so.”

Guess what: tomorrow morning we will be running out there together! Cannot wait.

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