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Janathon Day 27

Friday is usually our resting day as the gym is closed in the evening but the faithful reader knows that rules are for fools in January. I went for what was supposed to be a gentle evening run only to return half an hour later with my new PB. For the first time since I was a student I managed to run 5+ km maintaining the speed above 9 km per hour. The snail is speeding up!
Does it matter that the dark streets were crowded and that is why I tried to run faster? Does it matter that my knee hurts and I am tired now? No, no, no. Despite all pain, I am a happy Janathoner tonight.

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One thought on “Janathon Day 27

  1. Good job! When I was at high school I struggled with 12 min runs (also known as Cooper’s test) and I always had to walk 2-3 minutes towards the end. I hated running back then 😉

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