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JD 09 and JD10 – More of the same

As Janathon approaches its third, I am still hanging in there, cross training and this morning also running. Finally, after 10 days (shame on me) I went out there early in the morning again… no breakfasts for the guests, no ‘mornig shift’ with the girls, just me and the white path at dawn.

5 lovely km through snowy landscape alongside the river in our valley. Boy, do I miss those mornings!

Day 9: cross training;

Day 10: running, sledging

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3 thoughts on “JD 09 and JD10 – More of the same

  1. Jaka ostuda? Delas, co muzes, tak se chval 😉

  2. plustenner on said:

    well done!!

  3. Thank you both, as always :-).

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