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Back in Villecroze

In 2012, we spent a great week here – with lots of (trail) running, swimming, hiking and kayaking. After the wow-we-are-having-babies break in 2013, it was time to return to this small Provencal village and check the paths through the local rocks again. What I found on ‘my’ paths was stone, stone and more stone:

CIMG2925 I am not a good runner so balancing among moving rocks was a bit of a challenge. After the initial sounds of despair (non-publishable) I decided to turn the lemons into a lemonade and actually went running every morning. I thought my Hoka’s would help me but funny enough the absence of feeling the stones under my feet due to their extensive cushioning was more of a disadvantage – my ‘regular’ shoes served better.  And I admit, on occasions, the paths were actually great:
CIMG2920All in all a good week resulting in 65 km in 6 days and 1000+ vertical meters. I am slow but I am out there.

Oh, and there were some regular roads and good old stairs as well:



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8 thoughts on “Back in Villecroze

  1. To je nádhera!! A jsi fakt dobrá! O hokách mi budeš muset v pátek povyprávět…

  2. drsny cesty! pekny, ale drsny. mely bysme ti vejskovy metry vynasobit aspon dvema!

  3. Marnix on said:

    Hoi Romana, hier een documentaire die je wellicht interesseert: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvdbtt_eat-fast-live-longer-hd_shortfilms

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