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Preggo Running VI.

24-26 weeks: My belly grows. No doubt about that. Luckily my recently invented strategy (1 Hour a Day) seems to be working quite well. Last week, after almost a year of running 4-6 times a week, suddenly I only went for a run only twice! My belly was getting harder as I ran on so I realised I needed to take some rest. However, I managed to spend about 8 hours with exercising. So hopefully my physical condition won’t be deteriorating all that quickly….

Weight gain: 9 kg from the start of pregnancy.

Working Girl

I walk a lot. Well – at least I walk more than I did before. To save time, I tend to combine ‘business and pleasure’ so many of my walks include downtown Leiden or Amsterdam work-related trips. The Netherlands is not America so people do look surprised when watching me entering the office and quickly switching my walking Salomon’s for proper leather ‘business woman’ shoes. Smallest of my problems…    As the matter of fact, it makes me feel a bit like Melanie Griffith in ‘Working Girl’:

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