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Alive and kickin’

No, I haven’t died or stopped running. And I haven’t stopped enjoying our life in the mountains either, quite the contrary. The thing is quite simple: the winter season was busy beyond words so the one activity I cut off was blogging.
During the past few months, we had many interesting guests. (As 12HonzaDe mentioned we should be gathering all the stories in a book). Also, we did a lot of skiing, hiking and ice-skating.

However, since virtually EVERYBODY around us started (trail)running, time was ripe to introduce a new activity. The one new sport that I recently became obsessed with passionate about is kickbiking.
Last autumn we quickly bought two low budget no-brand kickbikes and eagerly started practicing. It quickly turned out that pushing 15 kg of metal on hilly dirt roads is a great workout!
I started reading more about kickbikes and how they are made and realised we needed totally different machines: with solid yet light frames, low clearance, 100% reliable brakes and last but not least with wheels that can be centered and that actually turn. So a few days ago I met Lada Blaha, the one guy in Czech who knows all about kickbikes, at Velorama and bought the famous folding beauty on 20 inch wheels made in Roznov: Mibo Royal.

Already after a few minutes on Prague cobble stones it became clear that this vehicle is a whole different level. And so after 3 weeks of continuous sore throat and severe coughing I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore and went for a first Mibo trip around Niedernsill.

This kickbike is a dream. Contrary to what I was accustomed to with the previous one, it was an easy 20+ km ride on both paved and unpaved surfaces (Niedernsill – Uttendorf – schutzgebiet – Pirtendorf – Uggl – Niedernsill) and something tells me that there are more beautiful kicking mornings to follow.

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