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What will 2013 bring?

As January reaches its half, Janathoners are full in action and all other runners train and make extensive exciting plans for the upcoming season, I am sitting in my bed, taking it easy and missing all of it so much. At the same time, I am living the nicest period of my life ever: the baby seems to be developing fine, we are almost at 34 weeks and despite my fear how a huge baby head will pass through a narrow opening somewhere down there, I cannot wait to welcome her to the world.

But where does it leave my running? Shouldn’t I make plans myself too? With 12 kg additional weight (compared to summer 2012) and the weekly pregnancy gym (synonym for meetings with other preggo’s and talking about how scared/happy/excited/tired we are) being my only exercise this might be a bit of a daring proposal but here it comes:

For my 40th birthday, I’d like to give myself a marathon. It does not have to be exactly on my birthday, it does not even have to be any official race. I just feel that – providing we stay healthy – the 42.195 km distance must be within my reach this year.You Didn't trainHopefully now that, in the middle of my hibernation, I have posted the thought out loud, once I am physically able to re-grab my running, the motivation will come instantly.

Happy running all of you :-).

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