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Janathon Day 24

Me: “How comes you missed me? I am wearing a bright orange jacket and I was waiting exactly on the spot I told you I would be.”

My big brother: “You’ve lost 100 kg since I last saw you so I just did not recognise you.”

Even though I’ve only lost 24 kg, this was the most motivating remark in many years.

Back to Janathon: 7 km on the treadmill today. I am sure, my dear readers, that you will allow me and V. to share a pizza tonight.

Janathon Day 23

Shall we start with the weather forecast again? Heavy rain and wind so strong that it almost blew April away (130 pounds of muscle and bone, 4 large feet with long claws). So yes, dear reader, you know that an outdoor run was out of the question. In the gym I chose the elliptical – to allow my knees to rest tonight. 60 minutes and 10 km further I am back at home, showered and fresh, thinking about some take away healthy dinner.

Janathon Day 22

Woke up at 6.45 am, alone. V. was downstairs watching Kim Clijsters at Australian Open. Dressed up and departed. It was dark and quiet outside. The peaceful sphere disappeared behind the first corner where the blizzardish wind caught me. I have decided to attempt for a 8-10 km run, just to see how far I would feel like running and whether this is a start of a Sunday-early-morning-long-run tradition? Except for the wind, everything went surprisingly well. I did not even think about the time (the best evidence being my watch forgotten at the dinner table). It was just me and the road. I felt like singing along with the Dixie Chicks in my earphones so I did – sorry people for waking you up.

Back at home I quickly changed and went to the gym for a biking hour – just to allow my legs some different sensation. Of course V. could not resist asking me if I was going for a swim later on as well? Ehm, no. I am not a tri-person. Attended a tri race twice before and don’t have the ambition to it the third time. But then again, I never had an ambition to start running either.

Walked with April and then collapsed on the sofa. Am done for today – feeling tired and great.

So – what’s the plan for February? Any Febathon thoughts out there?

Janathon Day 21

Good I went running before the dinner yesterday. The dinner indeed lasted throughout the night…

Now back from gym (elliptical 45 minutes) I read Running Shadow‘s beautiful comment on my struggle before the evening run yesterday. Wow, a real runner is soo positive about me, a shy beginner. Thanks, Shadow!


Janathon Day 20

I did not do the early morning run today. I did not have any time during the lunch break either (lunch break being dedicated to April, of course). I will not feel like running BEFORE the dinner with the boys (too many people out there, too many cars and besides, the dinner must be cooked first) and now I am thinking it might be too late for a night run AFTER the dinner. Or would such a run still count for today – even though the major part of it would actually take place tomorrow? I suppose the evening with the boys won’t finish before midnight. And is it a good idea at all to run when drunk? I won’t be drinking. I hope. Not too much that is. Or shall I skip the running altogether? But I’ve only done the 2 km April-walk which is a result way below my Janathon standards! It’s raining. It’s windy. I want to run. Later tonight. Perhaps. Or now?

7.08 pm – back from my 5 km loop. Janathon Day 20: done and dusted. Now to the kitchen to fetch the dinner…

Janathon Day 18

Uneventful day: work, gym, home…

The gym was packed with all kinds of Zumba-ladies who for some reason felt the urge to test the treadmill… to walk! Why on Earth don’t you walk outside. Or at least at different time!? Did some biking and elliptical cross instead.

Janathon Day 17

One of the advantages of having a dog is that one is forced to go outside 3-4 times a day. So I thought. Eight years ago, just before picking the white fluffy puppy, I was picturing myself and April running on the beach, summer and winter, sun and rain. In my silly view, April would become a kind of my personal trainer – one that does not yell.

Little did I know about a Great Pyr: the most stubborn, lazy and independent breed one can pick. These large white hairy dogs are bred to live independent lives in the mountains, to guard and protect their flocks against predators of all kinds. They are survivors and they don’t need anyone (especially not me!) to tell them what to do.

Soon after bringing April home, we discovered that there is a new boss now. April will run if and when she wants to (stimulated by cats, huge chunks of cheese, dry pig ears,…). And she won’t move one bit if she doesn’t feel like it (being sleepy, seeing me in a morning rush,…). She will not run to fetch a ball that we threw into the sea (Why do you throw it away if you need it, stupid?) and she will definitely not run with me on early mornings anywhere. She will not even walk with us on the leash to places she does not want to be at.

At the same time, she loves us to bits and whenever she spots anything remotely resembling any kind of danger to us (= her flock), she is ready to sacrifice her life to protect and rescue us.

She is the biggest friend one can wish for: calm and cuddly and happy and funny at all times.

But the running thing (or gym work out as tonight) I have to do on my own…

Janathon Day 16

Mid January, mid Janathon. Can’t resist posting this one:

Which is actually NOT how I feel about my Janathon physical activities as I went running again tonight (yes, dear reader – after my loooong run yesterday I was out there again and the light blue shirt got all wet and sweaty and will see the inside of our washing machine for the 16th day in a row. Well – sort of. As I have other T-shirts ready to jump in :-).

Numbers for today:

Sweaty light blue T-shirts: 1

Tired legs: 2

Lazy dogs at home: 1

Kilometers ran: 5

Janathon Day 15

Woke up at 6.30 am and went running. Hard to describe the feeling – but you, runners, will understand. I was predetermined to try a long run – in my world that would be anything around 10 km. It was still dark when I left home and I am sure I was the only moving object within miles. The crisis stroke me at the second km. What got into me? Why didn’t I stay in bed? I drank some water and decided to continue for a couple of minutes and then to return home.

An hour later I was still on my way, enjoying every second of it. The day was slowly waking up – but as it is Sunday, it was still very very quiet. Just weak bits of a day light, coming in little by little… Beautiful, fascinating, worth the pain in my legs I am feeling now. 12.3 km.

Janathon Day 13

Don’t know what to write about today. Flipping through several other blogs in search for some inspiration doesn’t help either as everybody’s topics come and go in waves: first the North Sea storm (I wrote about it too), then many hours spent in gym (I wrote about it too) and now the lack of inspiration (which I am writing about as we speak).

Went for a nice easy evening run: well, what now sounds easy (5.3 km in 39 minutes) was impossible for me 3 months ago. Well done me :-).

And here is one to make all of us think about the spring days and also my thank you to all of you who support me (which includes the virtual supporters as well):

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