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Forget about running – skate!

Despite the disappointment the Dutch feel after their beloved Elfstedentocht has been cancelled, the nation did not get bitter. Quite the contrary: even the ones who never skated before now wanted to try and not to stay behind. The sport shops have been attacked by crowds in need of a pair of skates and virtually everybody was showing off at a local pond or canal anyway. I wonder how the country looks like from the air these days – probably thousands of little black dots moving fast forward between the undersnowed fields. Along the river where we walk with April the traffic gets heavier every day:But back to my own sporting activities. While checking the training totals on RunningFreeOnline (and finding out that the February skating figures totally outgrew the running attempts), an invitation for a funny Saturday afternoon activity landed in my Inbox: MORE SKATING! After 3 years of praying and promising, the ice layer at a pond of a friend of ours finally thickenned enough to attack it. So we did.The dark green tent was not bad either (soup, sausages and hot wine for everybody).

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