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Janathon Day 17

One of the advantages of having a dog is that one is forced to go outside 3-4 times a day. So I thought. Eight years ago, just before picking the white fluffy puppy, I was picturing myself and April running on the beach, summer and winter, sun and rain. In my silly view, April would become a kind of my personal trainer – one that does not yell.

Little did I know about a Great Pyr: the most stubborn, lazy and independent breed one can pick. These large white hairy dogs are bred to live independent lives in the mountains, to guard and protect their flocks against predators of all kinds. They are survivors and they don’t need anyone (especially not me!) to tell them what to do.

Soon after bringing April home, we discovered that there is a new boss now. April will run if and when she wants to (stimulated by cats, huge chunks of cheese, dry pig ears,…). And she won’t move one bit if she doesn’t feel like it (being sleepy, seeing me in a morning rush,…). She will not run to fetch a ball that we threw into the sea (Why do you throw it away if you need it, stupid?) and she will definitely not run with me on early mornings anywhere. She will not even walk with us on the leash to places she does not want to be at.

At the same time, she loves us to bits and whenever she spots anything remotely resembling any kind of danger to us (= her flock), she is ready to sacrifice her life to protect and rescue us.

She is the biggest friend one can wish for: calm and cuddly and happy and funny at all times.

But the running thing (or gym work out as tonight) I have to do on my own…

Janathon Day 14

The plan was an early morning run before V. wakes up. The reality kind of copied our regular weekends: sleepy mornings…

We both went to gym and did some treadmill running again. I managed 5 km just under 35 minutes  which delivered a brief happy smile on my face – until the moment the nice lady next to me asked: “Was it just flat running? Why didn’t you do any incline?” I threw my water bottle in her face.

I know, I am a snail – but one that is improving!

After a delicious brunch at home (egg, bacon and avocado sandwich worth 900+ calories…) we rewarded ourselves with a nice easy walk downtown. How comes the cappuccino in town always tastes better than the one at home?

Janathon Day 10

Day 10 – time for something new. I (re)discovered the rowing machine tonight. 30 minutes and 6 km later I had pain here, here, here and here:

My legs, back and arms were fine, though. So I continued with my surrogate running (better known as elliptical training).

Janathon Day 9

“A treadmill is an exercise machine for running or walking while staying in one place,” Wikipedia says. And that is exactly what I hate about it. You sweat and hurt and make weird noises while remaining on one spot. Yes, I know how important treadmill is, especially for me, a slow runner who cannot keep her pace. But still – until yesterday I never made it further than to 30 minutes of running in the gym.

So when 2 hours ago V. stood on the machine next to me with the expression of the power woman on her face telling me she would run at least 5 km, I had two choices: go spinning/elliptical training, or pick up the glove. 45 minutes and 6.2 km later I was done with today’s Janathon session.

Janathon Day 7

After the evening run yesterday, I‘ve decided to build in another resting day went to the gym this morning. Running was impossible as my body was protesting against that kind of movement. I biked instead (30 minutes, 13 km) and did some surrogate-running on the elliptical cross trainer (30 minutes, 5 km).

And then we walked 2.5 km downtown, bought a new audio system with speakers and dragged it home:

I bet that counts as 2nd phase of my work out today :-).

This brings my 1st week statistics to:

Running: 23 km

Walking: 4.76 km

Biking: 52.5 km

Elliptical: 14.9 km

Janathon Day 5

Yet another resting day today. In Janathon language it means just another day of sweat. Despite various weather forecasts the wind did not calm down at all. April did not even bother to lift her head when I attempted to walk her (on bad weather days miraculously she does not need to pee for 12+ hours). What kind of mountain dog is she, anyway?

So we went to gym again. My idea was to allow my ‘running’ muscles to rest a bit – by involving my ‘biking’ muscles. This resulted in 50 minutes of spinning (21.4 km), 400 burnt calories and pain all over my legs.

Janathon Day 3

What kind of winter is this, anyway? Rainy and windy and dark. So much for early morning running. It is not going to happen in January, I am afraid.
Luckily the gym is open till 10 pm. I was predetermined to run but the treadmills were occupied (Oh, happy days….).
Spinning then. And cross trainer again.

The girl who works at the gym asked us “How comes you train so often?”
I wonder what will she ask on day 31.


Janathon Day 2

If this was a regular Monday after a 10 km run, I’d have a day off. But it is NOT a regular Monday, it is the 2nd Janathon day! So I joined V. at the gym and managed to ‘run’ on the cross trainer for 30 minutes (5.6 km) and then spinned for 15 minutes (5.7 km).

The gym owner wished us a Happy New Year so we punished her instantly by handing over a box of my mother’s Christmas cookies. Basically a box of sugar, butter, nuts and cocoa powder worth zillions of calories.

Let other people suffer for a change:-)

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