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Green Sunday Afternoon

With sore knee that does not want to run (and 3 weeks to go to the 1/2M), one has to look for ways to retain sane. After several months of not touching the clubs we decided to pack our golf bags and call some friends to ask them to join us on the greens. The weather was a bit doubtful but hey, who cares – we wanted to be outside.

Before I started playing golf, I had a narrow minded vision common to all non-players, especially if they practice any other (dynamic) sport. Little did I know about how clever, demanding (and dynamic) this activity can be. To mention a skill a golfer needs, one has to judge himself, his powers, his competitors and the field all the time. There are so many factors that influence your next step (the weather, the terrain, one’s power, self confidence and shape of others in your flight) that sometimes you feel like appearing in the middle of a giant chess board.

The game itself is very explosive, exciting and full of challenges. It is a fight with my competitors but also very much with myself. How do I play the next ball? How do I play the next ball after spoiling this one? How do I focus to produce the perfect swing?

The one thing that running and golf have in common (and that I like about both of them) is that both allow me to push myself to limits.

P.S. Another mutual feature is the outdoorsy thing. And the fact that beer tastes better after both.

P.P.S. Not only Haruki Murakami but also Tiger Woods used to start his days with a quick 6-miler.

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