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Juneathon Day 15/16: Chalon sur Saone

On Friday morning our holiday started: we packed the car heading to South of France. The destination for tonight was Chalon sur Saone. After checking in the hotel, we changed to our running gear and ran downtown to get to know the city. By the river, we saw the longest boat ever: I needed two pictures to fit it in:

Chalon is a beautiful city with a nice medieval city centre.

I thought that, in case we had enough time, we could pick a small geocache in the neighborhood of this carved tree:As V was with me, I wanted to show her how easy it is for me (after 700+ found geocaches) to pick this one… but we did not find it even after 15 minutes of climbing around the wooden statue and then it was time to retun to the hotel. Plese notice that the word ‘dinner’ made me run back uphills with negative splits.

Giving up is not  good option – not in life and certinly not in geocaching. So this morning, I got up at 6 and ran back to the mysterious place. Luckily I found the small continer today:So alltogether, I ran 7+9 km in Salon. Tomorrow I will be reporting from a small village of Villecroze.

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