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Juneathon Day 8: Soccer

New discovery: It takes 6 km of my running to do the groceries.

Tonight again V did not join me but at least she kindly kicked me out of the car dropped me in the park and as I was plodding against the wind, she went to the supermarket. I found myself a loop about a mile long and circled it a couple of times. Ocassionally, there were unpaved bits as well:

The idea was to get back home and eat before 9 pm cet. No, I am not a soccer fan but somehow my little Czech heart starts beating faster when I see our street decorated in orange: suddenly I become very nationalistic and look up the Czech flag in the cupboard to beat the orange flavour.

Bye my fellow Juneathoners, I am off the the flat screen and chips crossing my fingers for the Czech team against Russia.

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