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Back to basics

Also this year, I spent a weekend in the summer country house of my mother, the house that used to be the start of all my weekend and holiday adventures when I was a child. We used to come here on Fridays and while my parents were working in the garden or around the house, I was free to play around and discover the outside world. There was a huge garden full with fruit trees and behind it, just a short walk away, the deep forest started – each summer with blueberries and mushrooms and each winter with snow and deer…

Back then I did not need any running or outdoor gear, maps, planning… from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon, I was as free as a bird pretending I was discovering new continents and living adventurous life.

For the first time in many many years, I put on my running shoes and went running in this neighborhood. And for the first time, V was joining me. As we wanted to spend all the time with my mom, we managed to run just 2 short trails (9 and 5 km) but both were definitely worth it. I am not a child anymore but as I was following the ‘secret paths’ I used to discover here decades ago, I felt like one again. It was a great feeling and my running definitely added to it.


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