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One Hour a Day

Running sucks. At least when six months pregnant.

As much as I enjoy being outside, I have to admit, the last couple of runs were a bit of a frustrating experience. When running, these days I am continuously thinking about my full bladder, my growing belly, my fading pace,… and suddenly there is much less time for enjoying the fact that I can breath the fresh air while moving.

So last night it hit me: This just might be the point when I have to start substituting running with something else. My body is probably telling me to stop and think…

Hmm. That idea sucks too. As a rather competitive person, what are my options? Well, it took me about 6 km last night to figure it out: I am actually already doing it so the kick will be continuing: Every day I will attempt to spend one hour by some kind of physical exercise. It can be running, biking, cross training, or just walking (and of course all thinkable combinations of the above), as long as it takes about an hour a day.I can still go out as much as I like, I can use gym, I can try to rediscover the train rather than using my car all the time (hint: the station is 2.5 km away which makes it a perfect 5 km walk each day I use public transport…). So at the end, there comes a relief – I still have plenty of options to keep my body burning some fat while having fun and reporting about it on RunningFreeOnline :-). And I am not limited to the treadmill in the gym!

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