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Limassol long one

It has become somewhat of my routine to plan long runs on Saturdays. This time, I wanted to follow the Eastern part of the route of the Limassol marathon. Around 9 am I departed from Molos along the coastal road towards the tourist area. It was a sunny day with gentle breeze coming from the sea. I had my camelbag with me and forced myself to drink some water every 5 km or so and also to bite grape sugar pieces. Downtown, everybody was getting ready for the carnaval opening parade.
Foto0441At Amathus, all was fine, I felt good and I enjoyed running on the board walk above the waves. Rather romantic, actually. Except that I was all by myself :-(.Foto0427
Foto0438After 12 km I reached Le Meridien which marks the most eastern point of the Limassol tourist area. I ran about a mile further on the road towards Zygi (where a dog died… and rusty cars were parked) and then decided to turn back.Foto0434I ran passing the gardens and private beaches of Le Meridien, St Raphael and Elias and it stroke me how quiet it was there. Amathus and St Raphael are actually still closed and will be reopening only on April 1.
While my legs were still feeling fresh, I started experiencing a slight discomfort of an empty stomach and since I was returning to the coastal road again, I bought this killing combination in a nearby periptero:
Foto0439Cold banana flavoured yoghurt milk and ice tea? Honestly, what the f*ck  was I thinking? Both beverages left my stomach as quickly as they got in. On the side of the road on km 18…

This made me slow my pace significantly (and no, the Japanese lady with camera did not help) as I was returning towards the old town. The last stretch was (luckily) rather uneventful. I was listening to Horacek’s lyrics and recorded a 26 km run to my RF overview. My longest run so far.

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