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The Journey is the Destination

It was the pebble path around the lake tonight that made me think that I only have one chance to live each day.

Everything I do should be about trying my best to achieve something, not looking forward to get it done with.  I have to think more about how to inhibit my impatience and laziness and how to enhance the good qualities in me. How to build endurance. How to never give up. How to be proud of myself. How to be good to myself and those who love me.

10.3 km

Dunes revisited

After admiring the flower floats at the Bulbflower Parade in Sassenheim yesterday (20 huge cars decorated with uncountable amount of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths), this morning I drove our guests to Keukenhof. This world famous tulip park is in full blossom these days. Also, it is packed with Chinese tourists. It was very early and I wanted to spend a quiet moment so I decided to return to the dunes again.

I chose the water supply dunes of Amsterdam (Amsterdamse waterleidingduinen), a natural area behind the North Sea beach stretching from Noordwijk to Zandvoort. Here the drinking water for the residents of Amsterdam is being ‘produced’ by the natural process of filtering the rain water through the dune sand.  After 12 years in NL, I still have trouble believing that so close to Amsterdam, the landscape can look this rough and beautiful.

The run took me about 5 km into the dune area. It was sunny and quite windy but most of all: empty. It felt like I had the dunes for myself – just checking the animal tracks, trying to spot some water birds and enjoying the fresh air in my lungs. After 10 km it was hard to get back into the car… but the Sunday breakfast at home (hopefully with some interesting updates of other bloggers) was tempting too.

Happy Easter Running

The Easter weekend is almost over and it was good. My mother and April enjoying themselves with good food, talking and cuddling, me and V spending two mornings on the road (10 and 12 km). Both our runs were easy going and rather enjoyable. We managed to run next to each other, talk a bit, focus a bit, get tired but not too much… I think we found a pace that is ‘runnable’ at the 1/2M next month. Mum is leaving tomorrow morning and this might have been the last time for her to be with April.

Btw, this is the picture we chose for our Team AprilRuns shirts:

Chasing my tail

Three months ago I was happy to run the distance to the small harbour in the neighborhood and back – all together a bit more than 10 km. Tonight I wanted to run there again – nice evening long run, no stress, just me and the road.

As V. decided to go swimming, I laced up my shoes and hit the road straight away. For some reason, I started to check my watch almost every km – or what I thought was a km. The thing is, I don’t have one of those Forerunners at my wrist as I don’t need a beep to remind me how slow my pace is. Not just yet. When it comes to running, I am still very much at the beginning of the journey. I don’t want to know the times – or do I?

Before I knew it, I started racing… with myself! Along the road, there were several points I recognised and remembered (windmill, waterway marker, bike path crossing, harbour entrance etc). As I was passing them by, I tried to memorize the lap times to be able to compare them with the lap times on my way back. Then I started thinking what was the time I reached when running that very same track for the first time, in January? I completely lost myself in my calculations. I did not listen to my music and what was worse: I did not listen to myself.

And before I knew it, without remembering anything about my run, I was back at home clocking my fastest 10K. But did it make me any happier?

Janathon Day 29

So far the best Janathon day as V. decided to join me on my Sunday long run. The sun was shining and it was freezing as we left our house. I was a bit worried about V. as her arms were cold and her throat sore but little did I know about her hidden powers: half way through she outran me and then struggled with herself not to run faster than me (The most important reason probably being that I had the key from our front door).

Awesome experience, being out there, together. I have all the good hope that she will be joining Juneathon with me :-).

Janathon Day 22

Woke up at 6.45 am, alone. V. was downstairs watching Kim Clijsters at Australian Open. Dressed up and departed. It was dark and quiet outside. The peaceful sphere disappeared behind the first corner where the blizzardish wind caught me. I have decided to attempt for a 8-10 km run, just to see how far I would feel like running and whether this is a start of a Sunday-early-morning-long-run tradition? Except for the wind, everything went surprisingly well. I did not even think about the time (the best evidence being my watch forgotten at the dinner table). It was just me and the road. I felt like singing along with the Dixie Chicks in my earphones so I did – sorry people for waking you up.

Back at home I quickly changed and went to the gym for a biking hour – just to allow my legs some different sensation. Of course V. could not resist asking me if I was going for a swim later on as well? Ehm, no. I am not a tri-person. Attended a tri race twice before and don’t have the ambition to it the third time. But then again, I never had an ambition to start running either.

Walked with April and then collapsed on the sofa. Am done for today – feeling tired and great.

So – what’s the plan for February? Any Febathon thoughts out there?

Janathon Day 15

Woke up at 6.30 am and went running. Hard to describe the feeling – but you, runners, will understand. I was predetermined to try a long run – in my world that would be anything around 10 km. It was still dark when I left home and I am sure I was the only moving object within miles. The crisis stroke me at the second km. What got into me? Why didn’t I stay in bed? I drank some water and decided to continue for a couple of minutes and then to return home.

An hour later I was still on my way, enjoying every second of it. The day was slowly waking up – but as it is Sunday, it was still very very quiet. Just weak bits of a day light, coming in little by little… Beautiful, fascinating, worth the pain in my legs I am feeling now. 12.3 km.

Janathon Day 1

After the New Year’s celebrations we hit the bed around 4 am. At 9 am April wanted to check what’s been happening outside so I took her for a walk. The plan was to drag her back home in the shorterst possible time and return to bed but… I made a cup of coffee instead and put on the running shoes. It is the first day of my first Janathon after all.

The weather was good this morning: around 10 degrees and dry. I decided to make my irregular regular 10 km run along the river Aa:

Happy New Year and Happy Janathoning!

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