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JD 09 and JD10 – More of the same

As Janathon approaches its third, I am still hanging in there, cross training and this morning also running. Finally, after 10 days (shame on me) I went out there early in the morning again… no breakfasts for the guests, no ‘mornig shift’ with the girls, just me and the white path at dawn.

5 lovely km through snowy landscape alongside the river in our valley. Boy, do I miss those mornings!

Day 9: cross training;

Day 10: running, sledging


J01 – New Year’s Run

It seems like Juneathon 2015 has only just ended a moment ago and here we are, in January 2016, with a new Janathon kick off.

I was slacking like hell this past fall. Not that I would be sitting in the corner doing nothing but there were just too many non-running duties to fulfill. I know, I know, it is always about priorities…. so here I am, tired but predetermined to make this Janathon work. So far I managed to finish off all the ones I participated in so lets do my best this time again.

For this Janathon, I haven’t had time to think of any topic or certain line to follow. I guess I will just try to steal some time each day and run or do fitness or perhaps even ski :-).

Dear fellow Janathoners, happy 2016 to all of you and may all your running adventures and trails end well!


Day 1: 5 km run.

JUD15 – Half way

Dark and rainy day in the mountains (and a running nose) allowed for 45 minutes of fanatic spinning while listening to whatever I could find on YouTube to pump me up. Obviously, this sunny picture of Birke (Betula) was not taken today…  

20150607_121340Being a national tree of Russia (with estimated 10 million hectares across the territory of the former USSR), this must be a strong plant. And again, a needful one in folks medicine.

Several researches on the meaning of the light/white color of the bark have been made. In the USA and in Canada, researchers painted the bark brown to find out that (1) the trees became more vulnerable to wounds and (2) the surrounding temperature increased. We are left to believe that the color is important for the adaptability of birch trees in northern areas.

Stats half way though: Ran/walked/biked: 26/14/60 km.

Different ultra

The past days have been so hectic again. I spent a lot of time on the road (in trains and long distance buses) and abroad. One example being an 18 hour trip by 7 different trains from Niedernsill to Tilburg last Sunday. Or what I call My Private Ultra. Departed from Niedernsill on Sunday at 2 pm. Instead of sleepy night trip and feeling-sorry-for-myself moments, I utilised the numerous change overs and filled the time gaps by geocaching. Walked 12 km through dark cities and funny enough, arrived to the final destination on Monday morning quite rested.

As often, it is running (or walking when showers are not available) that provides some anchor in these uneasy times. And geocaching. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.


Night cache at Dusseldorf Hbf






Early Dutch morning

One should never ever give up. Never.

Tilburg running…

… or an industrial trail around the city where we are today.











Beautiful morning

Not a long run this morning but worth every second…


My Plan is No Plan

The chaos and work load of the past months seems to be increasing, or at least not getting any less. My running suffers from that, however, I tend to spend more time with all kinds of physical activities than I did before. Last night we went for the evening skiing again – we try to do that anytime we find a baby sitter. And of course there is still the snow shoveling, day after day after day…

Looking back at my running in 2014, I started the year with 200+ running km/month. This now sounds like a sweet fantasy. Pitiful volumes below 100 km/month won’t get me anywhere. But one should never give up so I won’t! As always, day by day, I will try to squeeze some physical activity in the daily routine. There might be less running but hopefully not less time spent.



JD26 – I don’t like Mondays, however….

This afternoon I was still in the middle of some work while a message popped up on my screen: ‘Would you care for a run tonight?’ I know this does not sound too interesting for many of you but for me, living in the middle of nowhere with no runners around, this message could have been coming from the outer space and I would be less surprised… and then I realised it was J. who stays just one floor above us this week :-).

Short after 8 pm (the master plan included calming down of 4 kids) we sealed the symbolic friendship between the Czech and the Austrian section of the iThinkBeer running club drinking club with a running problem and hit the road. She with a headlamp for the first time ever, I with a running buddy for the first time… in several months.

I have to admit: What a feeling! To talk, to listen, adjust pace, be next to somebody else while running. Nice freezing 6 km.


JD24 – White winter

The last week of Janathon is always about how hard it is to find topics to blog… while running goes smoothly :-). Here is what I saw yesterday during my 7 km run:20150124_145809 20150124_145759 20150124_145741 20150124_145606 20150124_144838 20150124_144820

JD14 – Frozen lens

6.30 am, rise and shine and…. run for Janathon. Oh boy, was it cold this morning! The blurry picture has to do with the sub zero temperatures out there.


Quick shower and by 7.30 I was ready to start playing with the kids :-).

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