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4 weeks that changed my world

Tomorrow E will reach an important milestone: 4 weeks with us!

If you ask me, our life has changed in every possible way. But what’s more important: E is changing so much! Every day she looks a bit different: she grows, smiles, moves, makes noises. We still maintain a small beam of hope that she will learn to SLEEP as well…

Little by little I am thinking about the running shoes hidden deep in the dark corner of our shoe cabinet, about my running shorts (that won’t fit, I am sure) and a sweat shirt… So far my attempts to get my body back to shape remain at a low-level short stroller walks in the neighborhood but rumor goes that in the near future, a couple of running minutes each day should be doable.  Dear readers, get ready for my next post reporting on ‘How I started running again.’



Thank you, Czech Bloggers!!!

Slightly irritated (as I just managed to cuddle the little nipple-devil to sleep) I opened the door. Luckily our postman always rings twice.


THANK YOU, guys, my eyes are full of tears as I am unpacking the beautiful presents for the little jogger-to-be…  I never would have thought that belonging to a virtual running-blogging community feels this good. Of course now we have no excuse but to come to Prague and to run and drink beer again. So we will!

Spring walk

Little by little our life is getting adjusted to a new one… Today, for the first time as we were walking with the stroller, spring was in the air and I felt that time will come when I regain my strength and start running again. So far just 4 km walking, enjoying the fresh air in my lungs.


(Quinny 4XL Adventure – only until she is big enough for the Baby Jogger Performance…)

Emma Rules!

It has been a little more than a week now since our life has changed forever. Little Emma is doing fine and slowly getting ready to become a big sister to our second daughter.



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