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JD20: On kids and mothers

The end of second third of Juneathon caught me on my retro/vintage city bike again, on my way to the ‘all you need for babies’ store, rambling.200620131757Our children are beautiful and sweet and great in everything they do (or do not do but are yet to learn…). We love them to bits despite the fact that:

– we no longer sleep. Sleeping just vaporized out of our lives after they were born.
– we can never leave the house. Ever. Not for one second.
– we cannot make ANY plans. Well, technically, we can – but we cannot stick to them.
– we are worried all the time. Anything can happen and can we be prepared for that?
– money rolls out of our pockets. There are ALWAYS necessary baby things to buy.FARSIDE26Luckily, there is still running.

JD19: Evening beach trip

Even though the title sounds promising, it was yet another uneventful bike ride.190620131752I went to Katwijk, all together some 23 km with lots of flies and other insects attacking me on my way. I did spot some ‘art’:190620131747

190620131753 And once at the beach, the sight was of course stunning:190620131749

190620131748But that is really all there is to say about it. I notice I am getting tired by the ‘at-least-one-hour-of-exercise-per-day’ routine. Especially the sleep deprivation kicks in.

JD18: Hot

Today it was hot even here at the coast. Not much fun to be exercising but since I slacked already yesterday, I had to find the motivation tonight!180620131746Bike won: went for a 20 km ride around Leiderdorp.180620131742




JD17: Lazy Monday

You know how sometimes the day passes and suddenly it is evening without you really noticing? How sometimes you don’t have energy to do anything at all, just do your work and go through the daily routine and suddenly it is time to go to bed?110620131723

I had a day like that on Monday. Purely because of Juneathon I did some (very short) cross training and biked to the supermarket at 10 pm, entering it some 5 minutes before the closing time… other than that, no activities worth mentioning. Phil, my mojo is low :-(.

JD16: Sunday in the dunes

Sunday family trip.160620131739It took us about 5 hours of preparations and car rearrangements but we actually made it to the sand dunes park close to V’s mother’s house. I guess this is how our weekends will look like now.DSC_0004



JD15: Half way through

Today we are half way through and this is how I present number 15 to you tonight:IMG_1947We spent a gorgeous afternoon in the park, with cappuccino, home made apple pie, ducks (we’ve noticed there are little colored duck-bridges at the waterside to help the ducklings to climb up), piglets, goats… and each other.140620131736


IMG_1941For today’s Juneathon I can add 6 km of walking (VERY moderate pace) which, half way June, brings me to the following totals:

Running: 34.5 km

Walking: 37 km

Bike: 124 km

Total of 21 hours of physical activity

JD14: Walking again

With sore knee, two stroller walks and a short bike ride (groceries, city hall, more groceries) don’t sound too bad for the fourteenth day of Juneathon.140620131732All together, it was a rather uneventful day – except for the photographer who kept asking us to make the babies sit (!?) so that the pictures for their passports could be made. No idea how to arrange that (E is now 14 weeks and S merely 6…).140620131733


JD13: Cross training

On the thirteenth day of Juneathon, I decided to do the one thing I hate: cross training.090620131713With my sore knee and a very windy weather (in fact, there was a storm above the North Sea), this was the only possibility to log and blog any kind of decent physical activity.

I know I have the luxury of a personal trainer but believe me, it does not make the  squats any easier. I managed full 30 minutes of various exercises, mostly on the ground and mostly focusing on my core, hips and legs. Tiresome but ever so necessary!  squats

JD12: Sold my car

The impact of Juneathon on my life is huge: I decided to sell my car. Well, it is not that I am going to walk everywhere instead of driving but honestly, one family car is enough for us. Also thanks to Juneathon, I learned to do groceries* by bike or with the baby stroller and so keeping my own car was not making any sense anymore. Except that I liked it. The dark red leather inside, the shiny silver metal outside… 090620131709Other than that, the twelfth day of June brought a lot of rain and a slow 6 km run.



)* and post office, hospital and other visits

JD11: What hurts more?

After publishing the sad statistics after 10 days of Juneathoning (not more than pathetic 21 running kilometers filled up by some biking and walking) I couldn’t decide what hurts more: my knee or the fact that I cannot run?090620131707So this is how I solved it: 7 km while visiting ‘my road‘…


110620131721My knee still hurts, it slows me down significantly but I am running! Of course I am careful, I adjust the pace to the fact that one leg does not function as it should but at the same time, I feel so much better than yesterday! As the matter of fact, I even registered myself for a race in autumn: 10K in Plasy (Baroko Marathon).

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