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JD13 – Snowhike

Completely different activity today: 10 km through heavy snowfall. The picture does not express 10% of the white hell :-).

Day 13: 10 km through snow

JD11 and JD12 – Prague

Two 6 am workouts in 2 days (elliptical and run) so that my Janathon row does not get interrupted. Have I mentioned driving to Prague and back and having beer and schnaps and awful lot of food in between? The below picture is to illustrate what my friend was having…


Day 11: elliptical;

Day 12: run

JD 09 and JD10 – More of the same

As Janathon approaches its third, I am still hanging in there, cross training and this morning also running. Finally, after 10 days (shame on me) I went out there early in the morning again… no breakfasts for the guests, no ‘mornig shift’ with the girls, just me and the white path at dawn.

5 lovely km through snowy landscape alongside the river in our valley. Boy, do I miss those mornings!

Day 9: cross training;

Day 10: running, sledging

JD08 – New Friend

Janathon brings new friendships. While the elliptical frenzy in my basement is rather boring, the second activity of the day comes with fun, fresh air, snow and…. a new friend.

Day 8: cross training, snowman construction

JD07 – Raccoon skiing

If you read my blog regularly, you know by now that both our girls are rather stubborn. E, for example, absolutely hates the idea of being helped by an adult when learning/training any new skills. In fact, her learning skiing is pretty much about explaining all the tricks to her teddy bear (raccoon) , curently her BFF.

So these days it is not only gathering all the ski-related gear and loading the car to the max – we also have the little raccoon friend to look after. He needs to eat, drink, ski, learn to use the ski lift… and E does all of it.

Not quite sure what I am trying to say by this post – but it was simply another ski-Janathon up in Kaprun.

Day 7: ski

JD06 – Another ski day

I am sure you are not waiting for me to rub it in but it just so happens that we managed to go for more skiing yesterday again. The kids are getting better with each attempt, E.’s pizza’s (snow plow) and sausages (parallel ski position) start looking a bit more viable and we all enjoy our powder time.

Add an excellent dinner in a Thai restaurant in Zell, some schnaps and Argentinian red wine and you get a good picture of the day :-).


Day 6: ski

JD05 – Service day

Boring stuff but since tomorrow is a national holiday, grocery shopping and other similar exciting stuff needed to be arranged. Add wet snow, petty repairs, endless guest enquiries and you get this view:20160105_155220
Day 5: 30 min elliptical

JD04 – Copy-paste

Another perfect day for skiing, this time with light snowfall.

We went to Lechnerberg again, mastered the lift and snowplow and then relaxed while sledging. And there was hot chocolate and cake on top of it!

first skiing lessons   Day 4: more skiing

JD03 – Powder


After two months of waiting, here it is: white and fluffy and cold powder. And so we turned the girls to Michelin puppets this morning and then loaded the car with 4 pairs of skis (ranging from 70 cm to 195 cm) and off we went.

I LOVE this way of burning calories.

lechnerberg kaprun

Day 3: 2x Lechnerberg with the kids.

JD02 – Big changing day

First Saturday after the New Year’s Eve is traditionally a killing day: all the ‘old’ guests checking out and the new ones coming in… countless sheets to wash and countless advices on local attractions to give.

I was up at 5 am today to prepare the first set of breakfasts and then pretty much continuously worked till 4 pm. Then a quick 30 min on my elliptical (just between two washes) and after a few welcoming drinks with new people and kissing the kids good night I am off to do some more work :-).

busy day cartoon.jpg

Day 2: 30 min elliptical


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