April Runs

… hikes, kickbikes, skis and more

JD14 and 15 – What skiing with kids actually entails

  • Start all preps early in the morning;
  • Talk positively about snow and mountains in front of THEM;
  • Let THEM eat and drink well;
  • Force  Patiently convince THEM to dress up using the clothes YOU selected (HIDE summer dresses and swim suits);
  • Load the car with ALL the gear;
  • Ignore you neighbor laughing as bits and pieces cannot be fitted in the trunk;
  • Strategically place chocolade, cookies and other treats in all your pockets and backpacks;
  • Forgot gloves? Don’t despare, it happens to all of us despite double checking;
  • Ignore their tears when gearing up under the slope;
  • Ignore their tears when getting on the lift;
  • Ignore their tears when reaching the top station of the lift;
  • Ignore everything;
  • Push them firmly gently towards the bottom of the slope;
  • Continuously yell: “Make a pizza point!”, “Turn!” and “Stop!” – chances are they will ignore you just like you did earlier but you do diminish the risk of them getting killed;
  • Enjoy!


Day 14 and 15: Skiing


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