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JD02 – Big changing day

First Saturday after the New Year’s Eve is traditionally a killing day: all the ‘old’ guests checking out and the new ones coming in… countless sheets to wash and countless advices on local attractions to give.

I was up at 5 am today to prepare the first set of breakfasts and then pretty much continuously worked till 4 pm. Then a quick 30 min on my elliptical (just between two washes) and after a few welcoming drinks with new people and kissing the kids good night I am off to do some more work :-).

busy day cartoon.jpg

Day 2: 30 min elliptical


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3 thoughts on “JD02 – Big changing day

  1. Budu se k tvym zápiskum vracet, až budu mít pocit, že mám moc práce a nemůžu jít běhat. Abych si uvědomila, že ji zas tak moc nemám 🙂

  2. Dekuji, dekuji, ale radeji mi nepochlebujte nebo usnu na vavrinech :-). V ramci moznosti vas tez po ocku sleduju…. obdiv vsem!

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